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Fixed Price Labour Diagnostic
Central Heating and Boiler Repairs in London

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Designed with financial stability in mind, this fixed pricing option allows you to comftably understand exactly how much labour & diagnostics will cost to repair your boiler, central heating system or gas appliance.  Our Fixed Labour & Diagnostics eliminates the uncertainty of paying for multiple visits for boiler and heating repairs. This option bridges the gap between our Per Visit Repair and our Fixed Price Repair.

Fixed Expertise is a fixed price option which caps the financial uncertainty of multiple visits. This option excludes the cost of parts. Whether we are there 5 minutes or 5 hours you only pay one fixed price plus parts. This option includes unlimited time, labour, diagnostics, workmanship, expertise and customer education for the duration of the job. Most jobs are resolved within 2 visits (the same day). Unlike our Per Visit Repair in which you are paying for the visit and not the repair, this pricing option is no fix, no fee which means in the unlikely event we are unable to repair your boiler/gas appliance you won’t pay a single penny.

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about this fixed price option is that it is more expensive than our Per Visit Repair and although in comparison the price quoted for this visit will be almost double the price of our per visit rate, this fee often works out a lot cheaper on the basis that it includes unlimited visits for the duration of the job.

Most multi trade companies or plumbers (the type that feature a Gas Safe logo) claim on average a typical boiler repair can take up to 4 or 5 hours to complete. The standard going hourly rate for most professional plumbers in London is £80, this means from the moment a plumber walks through your front door to the moment your boiler is fixed, you will be paying between £320 and £400 plus parts, plus VAT not to mention the level of perhaps genuine (due to inexperience) or fabricated time wasting. Our Fixed Expertise option is highly competitive and will typically cost a lot less than a multi trade company would charge to fix your boiler or gas appliance. What’s more when comparing the workmanship and professionalism of a Technical Engineer to a plumber you can rest assure your boiler, heating system or gas appliance will be repaired by an experienced Engineer who works on boilers for a living and not toilets. This fixed price option is post code dependant.

This fixed price repair excludes the cost of parts.

Contents of this service visit include one or more of the following but no one specific:
Time, labour, diagnostics, repair, first time fix, aftercare service, expertise, customer education, consultancy and or adjustments resulting in repair.

Payment for this service including parts and materials must be paid in full to the engineer upon receipt of invoice. We accept direct dbit, credit cards or cash.


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