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Per visit repair
Boiler repairs for a fixed price

Repair Options Per Visit Repair

Simplified - Our Per Visit Repair is a great way of understanding exactly how much you’ll need before we turn up to repair your heating system, boiler or gas appliance. There is no call out fee, no spiraling hourly rates and no risk of the engineer taking the ‘scenic route’. All you pay is a fixed price per each visit plus parts, eliminating the potential for a job to financially spiral out of control. The price we quote Per Visit will normally be the same price a plumber would charge per hour!.

Appliances we repair

green tickBoilers 
green tickCentral heating systems 
green tickGas cookers 
green tickGas hobs 
green tickWater heaters
green tickWarm air units
green tickGas fires

Expanded - The first visit of a Per Visit Repair job is a fixed price for the resolution of the problem you describe - what we call a fault description (eg, no heating, no hot water). The quoted price is always plus parts (if required).

£110 Per Hour for a plumber or £100 Per Visit for a specialist heating engineer...

If we are unable to resolve your fault description on the First Visit the quoted price will then be applicable to a Diagnoses Report. A Diagnoses Report will always include the additional cost for a Return Visit which will resolve the problem. We can normally arrange a Return Visit the same or next day. Once the Return Visit has been booked, there is no time limit - you only pay the price we quote.

The concept of this repair option means you are paying a fixed price for our expertise and not how long we spend or what we physically do.

Per Visit Repair Fixed Expertise


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