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Fixed price repair
Central heating breakdown & boiler repairs London

Repair Options Fixed Expertise Fixed Price Repair

Simplified - Fixed Price Repair is an all inclusive fixed price for all parts, labour and diagnostics. We call this the "pay and forget service" - you pay a one off fee and we'll let you know when your boiler or gas appliance is fixed. If parts need to be ordered from our parts centre, we can usually come back the same or next day to fit them. What's more, "it's no fix, no fee" - this means on the rare occasion we cannot repair your boiler or gas appliance, you won't pay us a single penny.

Appliances we repair

green tickBoilers and controls
green tickCentral heating systems
green tickGas cookers
green tickGas hobs
green tickWater heaters
green tickWarm air units
green tickGas fires

Expanded - Our Fixed Price Repair service is ideal if you prefer to know exactly how much it will cost to fix your boiler or gas appliance before the job has even began. Unlike our Fixed Expertise service, you need not worry about the cost of parts as this is all inclusive for the duration of the job, along with unlimited time, parts, labour, expertise and our exclusive free Aftercare support package.

All parts, all labour one price...

Whilst your plumber may spend hours, days or even weeks dealing with a boiler repair, you may be pleasantly surprised to know that our expertise often means we can usually diagnose and fix most problem in half the time a plumber would. What’s more, if we discover your dog knocked off the spur you never knew existed until we identified it concluding why you had no heating, you’ll still pay the amount agreed for the job. Although an unlikely event, this just illustrates our commitment to inform you of the concept of this service in order to avoid any surprises or misunderstandings at the end of your job. We want you to know exactly where you stand right from the beginning. Remember if we cannot fix your boiler under this agreement, you won’t pay us a single penny.

Am I eligible for the Fixed Price Repair service?

Eligibility for the Fixed Price Repair service is based on the following criteria no heating & no hot water, no hot water but heating working, no heating but hot water working, visible central heating leaks and noises. Fixed Price Repair specifically excludes intermittent faults, radiator replacments, heating upgrades, 3rd party diagnoses, gas leaks and water leaks within boilers.


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