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Gas fires repair, boiler installation and plumbing prices

Around 15% of our work come from distressed home owners and landlords who’ve unfortunately fallen victim to multi trade companies, general maintenance companies or plumbers with a Gas Safe logo advertising boiler repairs. These companies will often dispatch one of their plumbers (in some cases the companies best handyman) who will stand in front of a boiler for 3 hours, over exaggerate your experience, dismantling perfectly working parts and components only to then mumble “beyond economical repair” at a boiler less than 3 years old, all for a bargain fee of £110.00 per hour complementing the addition of VAT.

All our repair options are fixed price in one form or another. To find out prices for our services applicable to your area simply select a job type below and enter your post code.

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You can select up to 3 services at a time

Fixed Price RepairHelpFixed Price RepairThis is an all inclusive price for labour diagnostics and parts. Fixed Expertise HelpFixed ExpertiseThis is a fixed price for labour and diagnostics and is plus parts. Per Visit RepairHelpPer Visit RepairThis is a fixed price to resolve the problem on the First Visit plus parts. If we cannot resolve the problem on the first visit the quoted amount will then be applicable to the investigation of the fault. Our engineer will then produce a diagnoses report which will contain a fixed cost to resolve the issue. Annual ServiceHelpAnnual ServiceThis is a fully comprehensive strip down service, we’ll remove, clean, replace and adjust aspect of your boiler or appliance.
Inspection ServiceHelpInspection ServiceAlthough unlike an Annual Service will not improve the performance of your boiler or gas appliance, this service is useful if you would like a report on your boiler or gas appliances well being e.g. new homer etc. Landlords InspectionHelpLandlords InspectionIf you rent a property that contains gas appliances you must have a valid Landlords Certificate. Landlords Certificates last for 12 months . PowerflushHelpPowerflushA Powerflush is a process of differing techniques used to clean your central heating system.


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