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We know just how difficult it can be trying to find a genuine tradesperson or business you can trust in your home. We also realise how difficult it can be trying to find a company that will actually turn up to the appointments they’ve booked. This is why we’ve invested thousands in our own infrastructure, systems, procedures and technology to be able to meet your demands efficiently when you need us the most. We can’t promise to fix the squeaky garden gate. We can’t even promise to fix your leaking roof, but what we can promise is We Fix, Service and Install Boilers…day in, day out, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are the people the multi trade companies consult, the masters of one and not a ton.

Communication is very important to us and it's the little things about service that we know can make a difference to you. For example we understand just how infuriating it can be calling a call an 0845/0870 number only to be prescented with 4 or 5 further options.

At Centrona Gas you'll be pleased to know that not only will you not have to fight your way through menus just to speak to an advisor but you will always speak to our small dedicated support team, offering a professional and personal service. We document everything we do on our purpose designed system which enables our advisors to update you on the progress of your outstanding job without usually having to make a secondary phone call to the Engineer.

Boiler Repair Services
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