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Most heating upgrades, boiler installations, magnaclean, Thernox TF1 magnetic filters, radiator installations or relocations can be quoted over the phone as a guide price only. However in order to offer a more defined price for heating upgrade or boiler installation, we will need to carry out a Technical Survey. We charge a small fee for this. If our estimate is accepted this fee is then refunded of the total price of the job.

In order to understand why we are the right or wrong choice for you it’s necessary to understand who we are and our principles. We are a leading heating company carrying out boiler installations, conventional boiler to combi conversions, solar thermal installations, megaflo & unvented cylinder installation, boiler repairs, emergency leaks and central heating upgrades on a daily basis, 24 hours a day. We offer a professional domestic gas and central heating consultancy services. Naturally in order to provide the service you need we have to incur fundamental overheads.

One thing you’ll notice in our Gallery is that our pipework and workmanship is always carried out to the high standard. A good admirable job with neat pipework simply takes time and this is part of the reason why we are likely to not be the cheapest when hunting for boiler installation quotes. Most "initials plumbing and heating" that claim to be able to beat our quotes or estimates usually do so by cutting corners on the quality of workmanship in order to make the job profitable. This is something we are not prepared to do, we pride our selves on our reputation for quality and high standards at a fair price.

We charge a small fee which is refundable on acceptance of the job. This helps us identify clients who require a professional job carried out to the highest standard of workmanship and those who wish to seek a master class in specification and requirements only to then instruct another company to carry out the work at a cheaper rate. We offer quality and reliable products and are able to cater for varying budgets. Whether you’re a landlord who seeks the cheapest price for a new boiler installation or a private customer who understands the importance of investing in a quality boiler, we will have a solution that suites you and your personal circumstances.

We have no interest in sitting in your front room trying to hard sell a boiler installation in order to justify our free quotes. In summary we will not be the cheapest boiler installation company and we will certainly not be the most expensive. We charge a small fee to distinguish "free quote collectors" and those that simply want a reliable professional company to install a boiler or upgrade their central heating system for a fare price.

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