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Service Visits

All repairs undertaken by Centrona Gas are guaranteed by our exclusive aftercare service 2 weeks from the date shown on receipt of the job. If you suspect the same original fault has re occurred an appointment can be made to repair the problem at no extra cost, if however the current fault at hand is a unique and separate issue that visit will automatically become another 1st Visit.
Centrona Gas Do not guarantee the consistent stable technical operation of any appliance or system we have worked on, we therefore will not be held responsible, liable or accountable for any future malfunctions

It’s worth keeping in mind sometimes a successful repair can instigate the beginning of a domino effect of other component failures, although this does not affect your 2 weeks guarantee on the repair (original fault), we will try our very best to highlight any potential future problems aside the immediate fault at hand. Centrona Gas accepts no responsibility, liability or accountability for forecasting any potential future problems. Research, experience and ongoing tests suggest the most common reasons for persistent malfunctions are due to the following:

  • Combination Boilers between 10 to 20 years old
  • Neglect 
  • Bad factory engineered design
  • Wear and tear
  • industry known problematic boilers



Centrona Gas Services offer a supply and fit only service, which means we do not fit or replace parts sourced by the customer or 3rd party. Centrona Gas has a contractual agreement with major suppliers who distribute genuine parts on behalf of boiler manufactures. Because we cannot guarantee the safe operation of 3rd party, after market or make shift parts we refuse to take the risk to life or property which also conflicts with our insurance policies.

We have a 20% mark-up on trade prices which cover costs involved to the business in terms of administrating, ordering, researching, organising, logistics to the business and logistics to you. We understand and fully appreciate prices for parts/ materials from our supplier may be cheaper or dearer than competition and we rightfully observe this to be the nature of competitive business, we therefore will not refund, discount or receive increased payments due to customers sourcing parts/materials cheaper or dearer elsewhere.

Prices for parts generally start from as little as £5 to as much as £500 but vary from appliance to appliance, please note in some instances it may be necessary to replace multiple parts in order to resolve a repair as one malfunctioning part can sometimes cause the malfunction of another part elsewhere in the boiler and in these instances our engineer will offer you the best advice that will guide you in the direction of your priorities.

Centrona Gas accepts liability for faulty parts fitted by the company due to technical malfunction after confirmation by tests carried out by the manufacture. Centrona Gas does not accept liability or responsibility for any part that has not been proven to be technically faulty by the manufacture.

  • Warranty periods for all parts are 12 months from the date printed on the invoice.
  • Prices for parts must be paid in full before ordering from our suppliers.


Powerflush, Chemical cleanse or Power flush disclaimer

We offer a 10 year no quibble guarantee for all powerflushes

We use state of the art purpose built power flushing pumps, designed to cure circulation and boiler noise problems caused by accumulations of sludge/magnetite (black or brown coloured iron oxide), corrosion deposits and scale which are found in most ageing central heating systems. The success of a power flush will depend on the level of corrosion which has occurred beforehand. The process will cure most circulation problems, but cannot undo the corrosion and gradual decay that has led to the need to power flush the system.

Whilst it is extremely rare for a heating system to experience leaks after the power flushing process, the need to use dispersing chemicals, reverse circulation and mains water for effective cleansing may mean the power flushing process could discover and disturb already weakened corroded joints or fragile (T)hermostatic (R)adiator (V)alves with immediate effect as appose to a natural discovery which could take up to 3 months to show. It is not practical, logical nor does the technological capability exist to inspect a central heating system internally for vulnerable joints before flushing the system.

Systems which have been neglected over a period of time, or have not been treated with an effective corrosion inhibitor, may have severely compacted corrosion debris, in the pipe work, radiators, or boiler, and it is possible that even after a power flush, some radiators may still not be fully effective, or boilers on the margin of failure may cease working due to sludge and debris later breaking loose and collecting in the heat exchanger.
The price that we have stated allows for a standard power flush only and if any of the above symptoms or similar problems arise during or after the power flush we will not be held responsible in any way. Any further work required would be carried out at an additional cost.


Company Cancelations Rights

Centrona Gas reserves the right to refund or cancel any service visit appointments should any of the following circumstances arise:

  • The company are unable to make an appointment due to unforeseen circumstances
  • The company suspects fraud related payments
  • The company suspect false information apon booking
  • The company are not able to offer a service or product for specific circumstances

In any even if we feel the need to cancel your appointment for any of the formentioned reasons we will contact you to advise


No Answer/No Access

If we arrive at the property address and are unable to gain access the engineer will then phone the customer direct using the number provided by the customer upon booking the appointment, if we are still unable to reach the customer by telecommunication and taking all reasonable other steps to contact the customer Centrona Gas will register that visit as a No Answer/No Access taking not of each phone call made by the engineer in relation to this Visit (time and date), any telephone recordings and GPS data logging

Centrona Gas are able to absorb a maximum of 2 failed attempts at gaining access to carry out repairs for or on behalf of the customer, should a 3rd service appointment then be booked at the same address the customer will be subject to our current call out fee irrespective of access.

Centrona Gas is able to wait a maximum of 15 minutes from the moment you advise us of access



All Vaillant boiler installations come with a 1 year manufactures guarantee, All Viessmann boiler installations come with a 5 year manufacture guarantee and 10 year heat exchanger warranty.

Centrona Gas guarantee the condition of the central heating system water including all components installed by Centrona Gas but excluding existing radiators for the lifetime of the manufactures guarantee.



Payment for each service visit work agreed must be paid in full on completion unless a priority pre paid visit has been purchased. We acept the following methods of payment

Direct Payment
Payable to: Centrona Gas Services
Reference: Your property address (85 My Street)
Our bank: HSBC
Our Sort Code: 40-07-35
Our Account Number: 4 1 7 8 9 4 5 1 3



Payable to: Centrona Gas Services

Centrona Gas Services
PO Box Bromley

Direct Debit
If paying by direct debit or credit cards the card holders name must be the same as appointment job Cash


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