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Company name: Baxi Ltd
Founded: 1866
Country of origin: Preston, England
Core disciplines: Boilers, solar thermal and heat pumps
Principle competitor(s): Potterton and Glow-Worm

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Founded by Richard Baxendale in partnership with Joseph Heald in 1866 as the Baxendale Company, Baxi is one of the oldest British boiler manufactures still in service today. In the 1960s Baxi became a household name with the inception of the legendary Baxi Bermuda back boiler series. The term back boiler is defined as a fully functioning gas fire (radiant or inset live fuel effect) and gas central heating boiler combined into one unit. Most of the original back boilers in British homes today are slowly being phased out of existence, as UK laws tighten regulations on the use of open flue appliances. Although unpopular in comparison to its predecessor, Baxi do continue to produce modern versions of the back boiler today, although today's modern high efficiency condensing back boilers notably features a less effective electric fire from Valor's Dimension range, in place of it's predecssor the radiant gas fire.

In the 1980s Baxi introduced another popular boiler range titled the Baxi Solo. The Baxi Solo is an evolution of a basic philosophy (small, compact and simple). The original Baxi Solo boilers were typical of the technology of its time, featuring a permanent pilot and a balanced flue system. As boiler technology advanced so did the modern versions of the solo series. Replacing the permanent pilot system (often blown out by wind or other causes), with electronic ignition and replacing the balanced flue system with a fan flued system. The Baxi Solo series are well established for being one of the smallest and most lightweight boilers on the market. So compact and lightweight are the boilers they became an installers favourite as it required just one person to lift the boiler onto a wall.

Since the year 2000 Baxi has undergone a series of national and international mergers and takeovers forming the Baxi Group which consists of Valor, Roca Heating now BaxiRoca, Andrews Water Heaters, Potterton, Main, Santon, Heateam (Baxi’s service division), Sener Tec and most notably Heatrae Sadia,

What to do if your Baxi boiler breaks down

If your boiler has stopped working, is displaying "F" followed by a number or requires professional assistance, do not continue to operate your boiler. Call us immediately on 0208 181 8950 or book an appointment online. We are specialist boiler engineers - heating engineers - gas engineers and carry in excess of 100 parts for various Baxi boilers enabling us to repair your boiler in just one visit.

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